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"Yoga" is a very old term, used as far back as 5,000 years. Yoga means union. Its the practice of balancing and connecting the mind, body, and spirit together using the breath and different body poses. When the entire body is balanced and at peace it is happy and healthy. 

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What to Expect  


You don’t need to know a ton about yoga before you attend your first class. In fact, “that’s why you’re there—you’re there to learn,” 

Keep in mind that yoga is a mind-body-spirit practice that is about much more than just fitness. If your yoga class incorporates some non-movement elements—like breathwork, meditation, or intention-setting (sankalpa) at the beginning of class—be open to those aspects of the practice and take them seriously.


  • No shoes or socks during yoga

  • No phones during yoga

You don’t need fancy “yoga clothes” to do yoga. In fact, you can practice in anything that you feel comfortable wearing—whether that’s leggings and a sports bra, sweatpants and a t-shirt, pajamas, an exercise dress, or even nothing at all (for your home practice, at least).​

Yin Stretch Yoga

Deep stretches 

Longer holds

Melt into the poses as 

your body decompresses

and stretches. 

Yoga Nidra

Everything works again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you! Not much yoga in this class.

Guided meditation and breathing.

Fall into a "yogic conscious sleep"

Nidra means sleep, this practice helps us to put the physical body to sleep while keeping the mind awake. 
Benefits include reduction in depression, stress, anxiety, chronic pain and post-traumatic stress. 

Gentle Yoga

No previous experience necessary. Slow warm up and cool down gentle on the knees and lower back. Simple stretches while breathing through flowing yoga poses.

Grief Yoga Release

Grief and stress are stored in our bodies. Yoga helps us loosen the emotional and physical tightness caused by grief. Does not require any yoga experience. Helps restore the posture and a sense of peace and balance through self healing. 

Quick Flow Yoga

Skip the warmup and cool down move through several yoga poses with the breath to build flexibility, strength and balance. 

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy uses sounds to heal the body. The sound vibrations are effective at achieving a state of relaxation and removes any blockages that prevent natural healing.

Benefits: calms and balances the mind, relieves tension and stress, promotes better sleep, lower blood pressure, fewer headaches, and less pain.  


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